The Cottage School Photography Workshop

In January 2017, the students at The Cottage School engaged in a week-long photography workshop. Under the guidance of Biko Wesa and the teachers at The Cottage School, a curriculum was created that crossed over into Math, Literacy History and Science that covered the topic of Photography for the week. The students learned about the history of the camera, how the camera evolved over time and notable photographers throughout Africa and around the world. After the morning theory and research, the students learned the art of taking photos in various locations.


They learned that taking photos isn’t just about clicking a button. They learned how to set the contrast and brightness of the camera and learned about the zoom lens and the fixed lens. The students also learned the beginnings of photojournalism and that photography should tell a story.


The philosophy of The Cottage School is that deeper learning takes place when paired with the arts and real-life application. This being a new education philosophy in Kenya, TCS is at present a micro-school that is trying to extend its borders and grow into a larger institution. The photography exhibition is one way for us to become known in the community as an alternative option for students who may not exactly fit into the current education options available.

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One Comment on “The Cottage School Photography Workshop

  1. Hi. My son who is 9 and homeschooled is missing having classmates around him so I am looking for non-traditional learning options for him. Please let me know more about the school, timings, cost etc


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