Their sleepless nights entertain you.

Thanks for sharing your story. Your growth is astounding.

always be the best you can be, NO SLACKING!!!

Breakdancing comes from the streets, where sneakers are dance shoes and the dancefloor can be anywhere in the streets. In every breakers’ standard routine are a series of explosive acrobatic moves that require supreme fitness, strength and agility – and those things don’t come easy, ask the StreetERA.

StreetERAis the title, under this umbrella are the Kenya’s Coastal based, pioneering bboys- wondering who is a bboy? I will touch on that coupled up with the roots of bboying- who made atrio combi. Popularly known as breakdance, this culture started in the USA, it’s a dance that carries 4 main styles; toprock, downrock, freezes and power moves.Their headquarters are in Malindi where they first met and joined dancing forces.


You could be asking why they take the risks just for a dance routine as it may…

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