The Cottage School began as a Homeschool in the heart of Kitisuru, Nairobi and is quickly growing into a micro-school.
Our education approach fosters independence and creativity. We offer a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to learning with smaller classes and emphasis on diversity.
The Cottage School recognizes that children learn in different ways and strives to prepare kids for professions that have yet to be invented. The Cottage School develops confident and creative individuals, able to succeed in and contribute positively to a constantly changing society. Through diverse learning experiences and a tailored education, students will be challenged to use their minds well, recognize their individual potential and become lifelong learners equipped to excel in higher education, career, and citizenship.

We offer the GL Assessment which tests against the potential of the child and then develop a tailor-made curriculum that cultivates his/her interests as well as provide extra academic support where needed

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